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Using sine wave input to chan1, I used the analog out option to measure the sampling rate. We are topping out around 11 GS/s, see xls file: psec2_samplingrate


plot of RO clock rate: PSEC2_rofreq

Using the token readout (read clock turned down to 125KHz), the ADC is bypassed and the analog value is sent to an output bus. You can see cell-to-cell variation.

channel 1: output of SCA/buffer: chan1_analogout

I raised the input level to 0.735 V and looked at the entire analog out bus. Note the droops every 512 us -> the bus is not being driven during these times due a pause in the token readout.  The readout clock remains at 125 KHz. The sampling rate is ~5GS/s (not that it is crucial since using DC level)   Excel file: chan1_analogout2