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I have examined
There is no documentation. The code(s) contain little or no documentation.
I have managed to get it to compile and build executables using an SL4 flavor of linux,
a standard root installation, and a standard linux USB library.
It was linking to rather specific versions (5.18) of the Cern Root libraries, but
appears to be happy when pointed at generic versions. When I attempted to run it
using the perl script it complained about missing *.root files
PED.root VLUT.root which I found on
however I did not find GenVCAL.root. The code crashes on the expected non-available
USB device. The code suggests there is an “offline” mode but it is unclear how to
run in this mode. I see lots of output plots as png and pdf files from some runs
but no input files to run against in an offline mode.

I think this is about as far as I can get with the
without interacting with author or a knowlegible user of the code.

Ed May


PSEC3 pinout/description/board connection


bonding diagram