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Two probe transmission line measurement ready for network analyzer measurement

Probe touching the probe pad. Tilt, up/down, left/right adjustment are possible. Probe is scratching the pads.

The pitch between pads in Psec3 allows for probe pads measurment. That allows direct S11 measurment whenever Network Ana arrives.

Hervé Grabas

From the picture on the blog the probe pads design to connect with it seems fine.

However we only have one probe so far. So we probably need to order a new one for S12 measurement (JF comment maybe?). Will do the measurment over at Fermilab when ready with David. No schedule possible for now.

Hervé Grabas

Presentation of the signal limitation from the anodes to the chip:

Fast signals

Hervé Grabas

Picture of Champ with probe for transmission line testing

Hervé Grabas


Picture of Champ and Psec3 together

If you zoom-in you can clearly see the transmission line (the long structure with 3 pads on both side).

Hervé Grabas

fix list (to be amended..)

and Mass Spec data (transmission-line waveform sampling read-out under development)

This only a beginning as a spec sheet to specify the need for the future tray digital board that will control 5 Psec3 chips sitting on the side board:


Side board with 10 Psec3 chips. This board is to be serviced by two digital boards.

Here is the spec sheet:

Digital board spec sheet

Hervé Grabas

Psec3 pinout

Hervé Grabas


Hervé Grabas


Hervé Grabas